Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cats in Lap

I had a cat-in-lap attack yesterday. Two cats on my lap: Carey and Wizard. Wizard pinned down my legs, while Carey sat right up by my belly, with my laptop, out of reach, in between them.

This makes it really, really difficult to write. I tried for a while, but then gave up while the cats enjoyed me as furniture.

They're like those coworkers who never seem to have anything better to do than to come by your cubicle and talk about stuff. And you like them, and they're talking about interesting things, but there's, you know, work to do.
But they don't care. They're cats. Er, I mean coworkers, who either have all their work done or just don't do their work and don't care.

They're snuggly kitties, so I forgive them.


strangerland said...

Ain't that the truth.

C.S. said...

Gosh, Carey looks so happy and Wizard, well, I always loved Wizard.