Saturday, January 09, 2010

Getting things done with Kami

I've been on a cleaning binge between writing binges. My family probably thinks I've gone crazy, which is to say, I'm just being my normal self but my madness has begun to manifest in new and fascinating ways. Dishes are done. Counters are swept. Catboxes are spotless (and now Carey/CareBear/The Fluff Muffin/Evil One is guarding her favorite by sitting in it so that the other cats don't mess it up.) Get this--last night I took a toothbrush and a bowl of soapy water and scrubbed the edges of my kitchen floor.

I know. It's so wrong, but feels so right!

It's like a New Year's Resolution picked me instead of me resolving to do anything. I gotta tell you, it's much easier this way than the other way around. New Year's Resolutions die long, lingering deaths around here. Not pretty. If I don't care enough to do something year-round, it's not gonna happen.

Unless something randomly goes ping! and then suddenly I have a deep and abiding interest in weekly microwave freshening. Use lemons. It's full of awesome.

I think eventually my family will tie me down and exorcise me. Until then, it feels good to live and write in an increasingly clean house.

I'm hoping that exercise bug will bite me again soon, too. Then I'll be sleek, and have a beautiful house ... with the landscape fabric I got for Christmas and my obsession with gardening, I could make people disgusted with me for years to come. Yay!

Massive amounts of sugar, alcohol, caffeine, or other perception/emotion-altering substances were not consumed prior to posting this blog entry. 100% pure hyperactivity purified with all natural, organic process employing renewable resources and green energy.


Molly said...

Wow - when your sleek beautiful body runs out of household challenges and tires of the cold, I have a pretty damn messy house in Florida that could use some of that!

Kami said...

Weee! (Bouncing off the walls) Sounds good!

BTW, how are you holding up in that freezing weather?