Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools

I woke up to sunshine this morning.  I was so inspired by spring and growing things I've decided to walk out on my job, dye my hair green, and run around naked in my garden all day.

That was supposed to be the beginning of an April Fool's entry but you know what?  It really sounds appealing.  Well, the dyeing my hair green would be a pain, with the lightening first to a lighter brown or blonde and then finding and going to a salon that carries the right green for part B, and it would probably be expensive.  Maybe food coloring would work, but if it didn't, well, I'd have to live with the lack of success for a long time, being a long-haired weirdo.  I look really terrible in short hair.  Trust me.  

But besides that, the rest sounds great.  Someday when my garden is tall and all filled in I can garden naked or mostly naked if I want, no joke.  Right now there's too much exposure (ha ha) to the road and my neighbors, though I used to work topless when I worked in sheltered areas.  Ironically, we've cleared too many blackberries for me to work in a comfortable state of dress (or undress, in this case.)  But soon, soon now, the plantings will mature to a size that we'll have privacy again, without an invasive non-native species taking over what should be gardens and pasture and wildflowers and woods.

I'm reveling in my freedom today after reading about some real hardships.  A good and wise friend pointed me to her blog (waving hi!) and I spent about an hour catching up.  It pointed me to a wonderful and yet heartbreaking article about an all-woman village that both filled me with joy and anger.  My heart wants to react with counter-violence but I figure that's a no-win.  The men will escalate if the women fight back, and probably kill them all.  I'm so filled with feminine pride after reading about their success, and enraged by the poopyheadedness of the men.  When people can't see that beating women for being raped is wrong, they are more than blind and ignorant.  A blind man can understand.  An ignorant man can learn.  I don't think that these men can see, or learn to be other than what they are--a product of a culture that places blame solidly on the shoulder of people who can't or aren't allowed to defend themselves because they're too terrified to challenge the people who are responsible--the rapist, the abuser, and too often, the religion that they twist and interpret to condone, or that outright condones the savaging of their neighbors and kinfolk because they were born with a uterus.

Blessings on the women of the world who are suffering today, not for choices they've freely made, but because a glint of self-value shone in their eyes and an asshole couldn't stand it and had to crush it.  Blessings on the victims of rape, blessings on those who stand up and embrace courage and provide hope for their sisters.  Many, many blessings on the village of women that's growing around the world, and blessings on the women who haven't heard and don't know and need a place so much and will never live to see it.  May they be touched by peace, grace, and love.  

I think I know who the real April fools are today.  

P.S.  Katherine is doing great.  She's very kittenish and playful and is healing well.


Kai Jones said...

Um, I can clearly see your entire cleared area from the telescopes at Crown Point. I could see your deck, and the fire pit, and the garden.

Of course, I doubt anyone could make out the details of nudity on those darn telescopes, because they don't focus well at that range.

Kami said...

Heh. Yeah, exposure from that angle won't be changed by plantings, at least, not much. The deck certainly won't be affected. So here's a public service message for those of you who want to see me naked and are too shy to ask, and for those of you who don't want to see me naked under any circumstances. Periodically over the whole summer I will be sunbathing in the nude on my deck. It's what decks are for, as far as I'm concerned. I warn my children when I go out there. Consider yourselves warned. :-)

At least I can be assured that no one can complain that their impressionable son/daughter/grandfather/whoever saw my nipples from Crown Point. Would it still be considered public indecency at that range, or would the law assume that I'm given a reasonable expectation of privacy (at which point it would be the viewer assuming the risk of exposure to my pale nakedness)?

By writing naked this many times in my blog, I'm sure I'll get a temporary surge in hits.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Either that or a horde of men jealous of your publicity will attack your family.