Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quick Before Bed

I finally made it to a Fireside writing session.  Fab!  Very productive.  I worked on editing Masks in the hopes that I'll be able to start working on the sequel again that much sooner.  I've got several thousand words pecked out on Signet, but I've set aside making more progress until I've finished (finished really ought to be in quotes) Masks (again.)  Editing in a different location than my office (and on a different computer to boot) resulted in about the same quality of notice that I get from printing the darned thing out and reading over hard copy.  This is a good, and less expensive, option even when I factor in the hot cider, oatmeal cookie and banana.  I'm not counting the birthday dinner afterward (not for my birthday, btw.)  I had to go, because of the rule.

You know, the rule?  All work and no play?  I really can't afford to be dull.  I'm a typer.

I had enough fun that it hardly seemed like work.  Hopefully I'll be able to go to a Fireside session again soon.

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