Monday, April 21, 2008

Don't Snow or Tread on Me

We had more snow last night, and more this morning.  The weather people claim that we'll have 60 degree weather soon, maybe by this coming weekend.  I'm thinking not snowing would be good enough, thanks, but then again it's so, so pretty.  Snow on tulips.  Snow on wallflowers.  Snow on the deck rail, and fairy lace on the trees.  The ground is warm enough that things aren't keeling over, at least locally.  In eastern OR and WA it's colder and farmers are fighting to save cherries and other early blooming or early planted crops.  I'm sure they're having lots of sleepless nights and are spending hours fretting over the cost of keeping their blossoms from dropping via smudge pots and anything else they can contrive.  I wish them the very best of luck. 

I made progress on the tiling of the office last night.  The post-it says "Don't Tread On Me."  If I'd had the energy I would have drawn a little snake on each one too.  Hopefully I'll have more progress to report on office tile later.  For now, it's time to head to work.  Have a good one, and watch out for snow!

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