Monday, April 07, 2008

Just in Time

Looks like we found Kat just in time.  She's going into heat.

Part of me is glad that she's not pregnant.  The more I'm around her the more I realize she's pretty young, younger than I first estimated.  Six months, maybe?  It would be really hard on her, although she's getting shinier and healing up fast.  But part of me would have loved to see what she'd have for kittens.  If they had anything near her temperament, they would be truly wonderful pets.

So, the beginning of next month, she'll be spayed and get all her shots and that'll be that.  In the meantime, we have a purring, trilling thing that really wishes Wizard wasn't fixed.  She liked him before.  Now she adores him.  I can understand her enchantment.  He's really a handsome guy.  Such a nice face!


Steve Perry said...

Kami --

I don't have your email address, so I'm posting here. You can kill the entry (or not) no problem.

This is dedication for my current in-progress novel. I know Rory doesn't read fiction, and even if I sell it, the book is two or three years out, but maybe someday if he's feeling down, you can pass this along ...

Champion of the Dead

If you have read any of my books, it will come as no surprise that this one, too, is for Dianne.

This book is also for Maha Guru Stevan and the ongoing students of Pukulan Pentjak Silat Sera Plinck who show up for class in Washington state. There are new faces to go with the old ones, but there are some who have been around a while: Todd, Tiel, Cotten, John, Michael, Serge, Ken, Edwin and Irene.

Selamat, brothers and sisters.

Oh, and for Rory, for making me think harder about it all, even though we still disagree.

Kami said...

Wow, thanks Steve! I'll definitely keep this here, and the next time Rory's in a funk I'll have to point him to this.

Why do I suddenly imagine Rory in a funk as Rory listening to funky music and dancing?

For you (and other readers of my blog) I'm email-able at: kamila at easystreet dot net.