Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm Back!

I never really left, actually, but I'm juggling a lot of balls and they all ended up on the ground.  Time to pick a bunch of them up.

Writing--gotta write today.  It's Tuesday!  Gotta write on Tuesdays.  Gotta.
Laundry--I have no socks.  Well, okay, I have one last pair of socks on my feet right now.  Thankfully I have laundry in the washer right now, 'cause my slippers, well, ew, I need socks.  I should probably toss my slippers in there too for good measure.  I'll still need socks in that case for when I venture outside.
Birds--When it snows the birds come from miles around to feast at the feeders.  If I stop feeding them, they'll go elsewhere.  I don't want my cats to get rusty speaking in the language of the birds, so I guess I'll have to go out and feed them.  I've got my boots on.  I'll be out there in a sec.
Concert for Cline--I have to start an email list or something so that we're all talking.  If we don't talk, how are we going to get together to rehearse or whatever?  Since a musical thing requires (at least for some people) practice, well, better the dialogue begin sooner than later.
Radcon/Reno Bid Party--I'm 99% there.  That last one percent is a killer, though.  Hey, you know, I just realized that I'll probably need socks for Radcon too.  D'oh!
INK--we have an INK meeting coming up.  I have a small round of brie cheese to bring with.  Yum!  I also would like to submit a story for the following INK meeting.  This means writing.  Writing is on my list, right?  Oh yeah, there it is at #1.  Go figure.
Endeavor Award--I'm supposed to be reading.  Um, uh, well, I'm mostly done with the book I'm on now, with four in the queue.  Must ... read ... faster ...
Speaking of submissions, I'm supposed to have a query out by Friday and it's now Tuesday.  Ack!!
101 program--I'm keeping up with the Tibetans, fasting when I'm supposed to fast, and meeting my goals, except for one day on a fast day when I had a handful of popped potato chips.  They were good, too.  But I'm not going to do that again.  That was bad, not because a handful of popped potato chips is a big deal, but because I broke a promise to myself.  Breaking promises is not good.  Bad habit, hard to break.  I'm fasting today, and my stomach is starting to seriously growl, so I'm going to shut it up with a cup of nice hot tea while I write.  After I feed the birds.
Am I forgetting anything?  I'm sure I am.  For all y'all who are counting on me for stuff, please, ping me and remind me!  Or just kick me in the butt.  It's right there, all hanging out, now that I'm bent over picking up all these balls.  Hmm.  Is there one more under the couch?


Melissa said...

Don't forget Da Vinci on Sunday....

Kami said...

I won't! It's on my calendar.

Kai Jones said...

I've read 4 books for Endeavor in January...and am completely bouncing off a 5th book, after trying for 4 days to read it. Must drop these off and get more.