Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Year in Retrospect

Highlights of 2008:

My DH was home for half the year.  That time was precious and glorious.  I didn't realize how much we did together until all at once we didn't.  But we talk and type lots and lots.  I love our relationship.  We got some strange and beautiful blooms on our relationship tree this year.
ItRunsInFrontofMe came into our lives.  Aw, she looks so thin.  She glows with health now.
We adopted Carey.  After Nikita's and Mojo's loss, it felt good to have both Carey and ItRunsInFrontofMe in our lives.  And Carey is so sweet!  To us.  Ahem.  I'm glad she made A her person, and ItRuns picked the boy.  Emotionally that worked out really well.
I had some stunningly beautiful days.  A pic of a peony heart in my garden.  Click the gardening tag for more garden stuff.
I left a good job.  Well, okay, good for me.  Sort of.  I do miss Barbie Lady.  I don't miss the lost writing time and the struggle to keep up on housework.  Now, if I neglect housework, it's on purpose, not because I'm at work too much.
Got to watch O growing up.  That's almost continuous, but we had some great milestones like his Jr. prom this year.  He looks great in a tux.  He's poised on the verge of setting out on his own.  Scary beautiful.  He started his senior year in 2008.  He's thinking about joining the military, and he's getting tall and strong.  We had fun playing video games yesterday.  I'm sure going to miss him when he decides to move out and on.
Got to watch A growing up and survive some knocks.  (BTW, her hand was broken and she did get a cast.)  She's an amazing, creative, beautiful young woman and I should have taken more pics of her in Victoria where she really glowed with maturity.  The music concerts she's been a part of were amazing.  Did I mention that she loves math?  Ah, how my heart swells.
ABBB was weird but tons of fun.
I had a pro short story sale!  At last!  Huzzah!  
And we had two amazing winters.  Remember, snow in April?  And December was incredible.  If you're a weather watcher, click on the weather tag.  May 26th I posted about an amazing storm.  I'd forgotten all about it until I clicked the weather tag.

Happy New Year, everyone!!


Marian said...

Hi Kami,

Congratulations on the honorable mention from Writers of the Future, and on the sale!

Hope the next year brings even more successes to you.

Kami said...

Thank you! I hope you have a great 2009! Good luck on the writing front.

I'm pondering your SF vs. F question and I can't make up my mind!!