Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bowling for Laughs

The whole family is going bowling this morning.  I haven't been bowling in forever.  Usually it's the husband and kids that go while I'm at work or at a meeting--seems like something always comes up.  For the record I'm a terrible bowler, so bad it's funny, and that's where the fun comes in.  I need bumpers to keep from guttering every time.

Because I'm fairly athletic--the farming, yoga, long history of martial arts, archery, belly dance, etc. I have a reputation for strength and grace.  But there are three things I'm pathetically sad at that blows that reputation right out the window.  Knife throwing, axe throwing, and bowling.  As far as pitching, I have a mean underhand pitch so it's not so much throwing in general.  I'm also a fair talent at spear throwing/javelin, so it's not the overhand throw.  I think that, aside from lack of practice (although practice isn't the whole picture) the Universe exists to be funny.  I can keep people entertained for quite some time when I bowl.  I wonder if their sides hurt afterward.  I know mine do!  And that's why I love bowling.  I think it'll be a sad day if I ever get good at it.


Deborah said...

FWIW, I'm an utter loss at anything that involves throwing or catching or hitting a ball. I suspect it's because one eye is so much stronger than the other, I've naturally used monovision for most of my life, hence dreadful depth perception. Dance, yoga, martial arts, anything with coordination and grace, I can do. And do well. Bowling... er. And golf: surrender all hope.

Kai Jones said...

I bowl okay. I bowled a 168 on the Wii this morning.

Kami said...

Heh. Well, I did better today then I ever had before. Bowled the lowest score of the whole family, of course, but I had a lot of fun, didn't use bumpers and actually hit a couple of strikes. Thought about how useful tk would be for the wobbling pins that the machine rescues from tipping. Danced lots of silly dances when I knocked any pins down.
I do have one eye that's stronger than the other as well. I hadn't thought about that affecting things. Hmm.
For the record, 168 would have beat R today, easy. Go Kai!

Kai Jones said...

Bowling's easier on the Wii: no heavy ball to tire your arm! I don't think I could get a 168 at an alley without a lot of practice.