Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm sitting, dazed, thinking about what a big day I've had.  That's about as far as my brain wants to travel.  Like a tired dog it'll follow along just behind me if I walk, but then it sits down as soon as I stop.  

Nothing bad happened.  Nothing extraordinary.  I mowed, the kids and I took the dogs for a walk, spent some time with my DH before he left for work, did a little shopping, rented movies and watched one (Stand and Deliver) and managed email.  I sent some pics of the cedar waxwings to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology--they'd had cedar waxwings on their minds and might include them in informational stuff about providing food for birds.  Maybe one of my pics will end up on a poster or on their website.  That would be fun.

On the writing front, I'll be getting feedback for Sin tomorrow.  This flash has me stumped, but that's no surprise.  I haven't mastered short fiction, or even gotten out of the Kindergarten for Short Fiction Writers.  I expect after INK and Lucky Labs are done with it, I'll have a much better idea of how to approach Sin.  

It made me smile to write that.


Carissa said...

I'm glad you smiled. I'm a little leery about hearing back on "Last Super-hero." Probably because I just worked my butt off trying to get it into it's current form. Oh well. Chocolate will help.

I hope you'll find my comments on "Sin" productive. The story took me into new territory when it came to critiquing, so I'm curious how close I've gotten to what might be stumping you on it, now that I know you are stumped. Guess we'll find out tonight!

Kami said...

Maybe you submitted it to critique too soon. You could need some time away from the story, or at least enough time working with it that you're at your wit's end and want someone else to deal with it. If you're leery of getting a critique it might not be the best time to get feedback on it. Something to think about.

Carissa said...

Probably, but since this is my only finished story, is all I have for that little contest we keep submitting to ;-) So my choices were have INK critique it or skip submitting. A little discomfort is a much better option than just not doing it.