Sunday, June 29, 2008

Word Choice

When I created my Wordle, I had a revelation about word choice.  When I started out putting it together I opened the first chapter in Masks determined to just pull out the articles, weak verbs, conjunctions, all pronouns except pertinent personal pronouns, and so on.  I didn't bargain on gaining a lot of insight into my word choices.  I'd always known that I used too many adjectives, and I'm developing the skills to help weed them out, but as far as actual word selections I never realized how much potential (and freedom) there was in choice.  Not just picking the exact right word for the situation.  I'm talking about the ability to fold word choices back into a theme or atmosphere or both at once.  The Wordle laid those choices bare and I went through (after I'd sent the book to Lucky Labs for review, of course, because I couldn't have been so lucky as to find this out before I sent it out) the first chapter again with a sharper eye.  It was a lot of fun.  I'd go through the rest of the novel, but I'm busy with other projects at the moment.  It's not a lesson I'll soon forget, though.  Yay, I have a whole new tool!

Also, I'm starting a new blog tradition (for me.)  I don't think I'll ever go into reviews.  I'm too critical and not particularly eager to have my opinions known to the wide world.  But I'm comfortable with rating books on a general scale.

What I'm reading:  Lace and Blade, edited by Deborah Ross
Quality:  Very high
My quality ratings:  Struggling, Emerging, Average, High, Very High

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