Monday, June 23, 2008


We had a wonderful dinner with some great friends at Brazil Grill tonight.  This place is not for the faint of heart (or stomach.)  They will feed you until you explode unless you call a halt with the red disk of mercy.  We suggested that little white flags of surrender would be just as appropriate as the red/green disk you place at the side of the table.  Green means bring it on, red means please, no more, I'm going to be laid up at the hospital for three days as it is.

Much as I love vegetables in most of their myriad forms and modes of preparation, there's nothing quite as satisfying as meat.  I need both in my life, always.  Occasionally one takes primacy, and since this dinner focused on the big carnivore of the family and we wanted to treat the kids, who both have impending birthdays (one is a month away and one just a wee bit away) to something extraordinary, the Grill of Endless Meatness immediately came to mind.

I think I'll be eating a lot of vegetables over the next few days.  But boy, was that fabulous.  Great food, exceptional company, and a beautiful day to live it in.  I'm content.  I hope everyone else had a fun time too.


Lila Tran said...

I ate at a Brazilian buffet a few months ago and it is exactly how you described the restaurant and the service type. After reading your post, I feel like going again this weekend, but I’ll probably feel really guilty after that.

Kami said...

Why feel guilty for eating wonderful food? :-) It is very decadent, though. Definitely not something to do all the time, even if you can afford it.

The Moody Minstrel said...

So you've finally lost your churassco virginity, eh?

There's a really good Brazilian restaurant in Kashima, mainly because the city is so soccer-crazy...and loves the Brazilian players on our local pro team! I joined a dinner party once and surprised myself by going through the whole course!

I also drank a whole bottle of red wine and didn't feel a thing.

My stomach wasn't happy with me the next morning, but it was worth it!

Kami said...

The Dadman drank a whole lot of rum drinks (he doesn't even care for rum that much) and didn't feel it much either.

Last August (if I remember right) we went for his birthday and he luuuuuved it. The next time we celebrate a big thing I'm sure we'll wash up there again. It's a lot of fun.