Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yet another reason why I like Blogger, and birds

I tried a new feature on Blogger and I love it.  I'm pretty lazy, so given a chance to streamline things, including playtime, I take advantage of opportunity (provided it's easy.)  Hence auto deductions for most of our regular bills and writing first thing in the morning.

If you check out the sidebar you'll see the new blog list in action.  I especially like the blurbs feature.  I have some blogs on RSS that I check via email, but I like this Blogger feature better.  

Today I almost caught sight of the (assumed) lazuli bunting through the binocs several times.  This bird is beyond paranoid.  It's definitely a wham bam thank you ma'am type of birdfeeder visitor.  It zooms in, pecks, and leaves.  I despair of ever getting a pic of it, but maybe, eventually, I'll catch it sitting on a perch singing (apparently they do this periodically) and then I'll add it to the online collection.  

The mourning doves haunt the house constantly now.  I can't walk through my garden without flushing them.  They're ground feeders, and when they're disturbed they lay low and still in the hopes you won't notice them.  I imagine I've walked by plenty of times without flushing them and never known it, but several times a day I'll be minding my own business about the garden when the wild fluttering and rusty sounds erupt from the tall grass.  Once I've scared them off they perch nearby, watching me, and make mournful noises.  They may be trying to sound intimidating or at least aggravated, but instead they sound (as their name implies) like they're drowning in grief.  

Meanwhile our three hummingbirds have stepped up the warfare ever since some of their favorite flowers have begun blooming.  In a sane world, more resources available to a stable population=less conflict, but we're talking hummingbirds (and a not-very-sane world overall) here.  We've now become prime, highly desirable territory which means they're even more determined to harass each other and compete for everything.  They literally have a full acre of garden to divide, but they insist on perching within a few feet of each other and try to feed from the same plants or feeder at the same time instead of sneaking off and feeding while the others are distracted by the feeder or another region of the garden.  I guess this keeps their population fit.  I know I'd be a lot sleeker if I had to fight for my dinner.  

Hmm.  Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that.  It might give my DH ideas.

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