Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Grey and it's not my fault blame C.S.

I'm taking a kitty in to the vet tomorrow to get it tested for feline leukemia and for shots and probable treatment of ear mites and fleas.  She (we think) may also need to be spayed (neutered?)

What, what's this you ask?

It's not a new kitty.  Really.  It's ... it's a big mouse, that's what it is.  Did I say kitty?  Silly me.  Definitely a mouse, with grey fur and white whiskers and a white bib and cute little ears and a fluffy tail and big, er, I mean beady green eyes.  Totally a mouse.  Ha ha ha, you know us, always naming our animals after other animals, like the goat named Llama, and ... the goat named llama.  Oh, oh yeah, and the goat named Skunk!  So this is a cat named mouse, er, I mean, a mouse named Carey, er, I mean of course we didn't name it.  

In fact there's no cat or mouse here.  I don't know what you're talking about.  La la la I'm not listening!

I'm real tired all of a sudden.  I'm going to bed.  ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz


Things that puzzle this other goddess.... said...

LOL I've gotta do one of those vet type trips with our littlest "mouse" soon too. :)
take care, ttptog

C.S. said...

No, but really, it wasn't my fault! I'll keep looking for lost posters just in case and keeping my ears open and anytime that bad, irresponsible neighbor girl decides she's not too cool to come identify this mouse, I can show her pictures and then at least, that avenue will have been gone down.

To know that someone cares, you just have no idea how grateful we are. To know that little fluffy mouse is out of the cold, especially with more rain expected tomorrow. It would have only been a matter of time with winter coming, before it's fur got ratty and it's health started going downhill.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do .

Kami said...

I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Trying to sleep here!

But seriously, I can't help but care about animals. I think it's like a viral infection or something.

Carey is doing well. I'll worry until she uses the catbox (she hasn't) and has eaten (if she has it's a miniscule amount) but she's warm and cuddled up on A's bed. It's very picturesque, with the grey mouse on the red comforter.

In fact I suspect that the reason she probably hasn't left the bed all night is because she's exhausted. If she was dumped like we all suspect, she probably hasn't felt safe and comfortable in a long while. I have to say she must have been an indoor cat at some point because of the way she immediately nabbed a spot at the foot of the bed, almost like she's been trained to it, and started grooming herself. Cats without manners tend to sleep on people's heads.

Anonymous said...

Taking kitty? You're a sweetheart!

Kami said...

Just curious, does sweetheart = sucker? I'm starting to think it does. But it sure feels nice. And the kitty is really great.

I think I'm officially the neighborhood cat lady now, especially since one of the feral cats that live in the blackberries has taken to leaving mice on our back doorstep. I'm not even feeding the poor thing. I'll probably start to, though. This cat knows how to market itself well!

C.S. said...

Feral cat living in your blackberries?

Magic words. I'm intrigued!

Got your message, late. Am wildly happy things went well. We need to discuss Carey's bill.

Kami said...

We actually have two. There's a black one that we keep mistaking for Lucky (I think I'm going to start calling him or her False in honor of the False that looked just like my friend's cat in Philomath.) And there's a white one with brown spots. No name at all for that one yet. I don't know which one is bringing the treats. I can get much closer to False than the white one, closer meaning about 50 feet away. We may have to trap them and make sure they're fixed. All the shelters are overwhelmed with kittens. Our vet is overwhelmed too. They got another batch yesterday, all needing to be bottle fed because they're so young.

Some people never learn.

The Moody Minstrel said...

You seem to be with cats what I am with musical instruments.

No, dear...that's not a new synth's actually a towel rack!

Kami said...

At least with instruments you can say it's work and/or hobby related. What excuse have I got for another cat?

~I needed it for writing because I don't have enough cats hopping up on my lap while I'm trying to write. They're so helpful, you know.~