Saturday, September 06, 2008

The lair of the garbage monster

Today for our ~fun~ thing to do we cleaned out part of the garage.  I kept Freudian slipping, too.  "Hey kids, let's get our stuff and go out to the garbage, er, I mean garage ..."  "When we're done in the garbage, er, I mean garage, we can temporarily move all the furniture from downstairs in here until the floors are done."  And so on.

We entered the lair, gloved and hatted, and started picking through.  Very scary stuff.  Broken glass.  Piles of cardboard and papers filled with spiders.  Ancient and chewed rugs and mats.  Broken toys.  Deceased furniture.  Weird, rusted items bent beyond recognition.    

One pickup load  dumped at the transfer station.  Tomorrow the stove and refrigerator, if we're strong enough to move them, will also go along with some junkety junk that's accumulated downstairs.  The rule--if no one would buy it at a garage sale even for a nickel, it goes to the dump.  The cool part of this is not only is the house going to be a fabulous haven over the winter all cleaned out and spiffified, but we'll be able to hold a garage sale (soon I hope!) actually inside the garage.  How weird is that?!

My poor kids, slaving away all weekend.  I'm bribing them and salving my guilt in one brilliant move--chocolate for everyone.

Project news:
Anyone who's local who'd like to learn how to lay tile is welcome to come over and help me.  It's messy and time consuming but easy work.  I'm using big tile so it's not as time consuming as, say, 4" or smaller tiles, and there's no pattern so the cutting is just to meet the dimensions of the room, not to make things pretty.  I'm hoping to get started on tiling, and if I'm quick I'll finish tiling, on Monday.  Really rough guesstimate, it looks like about 3-4 hours of work left to do on the floor and probably another 2-3 hours on edging, which is also tile.

I started on a new short story last night.  I don't get short story ideas very often so I had to jump on it before it went away.  It was very different typing on the laptop in the bedroom rather than in my office, different in a good way.  I felt like a hunter stalking my imaginary prey, on my belly with my shoulders hunched.  Not something I'd want to do for a super long time, but it was fun for an hour.

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