Sunday, September 28, 2008

Project apace

I'm painting.  There's paint, there's brushes, there's paint pans, there are cats everywhere.  Carey supervised for a while but got bored.  The other cats come and go, mostly when they think they're most likely to get away with shedding hair on a wet wall.  

These are some pics of the crappy first coat.

Actually, the trim has two coats, so it's in the pretty good coat stage.  I don't think a third coat will be necessary.  Trim paint is quite a bit denser than wall paint.  

The other walls will be about the same brightness as they are now, but warmer.  Think pale peach.  In retrospect I probably could have gotten away with a much darker peach, but sometimes we don't learn these kinds of things until we get home.  I can live with pale peach.  Right now they're a cold, grayish white.  Obviously the pic shows the walls as being warmer and more yellow than they actually are.

That teal wall will have IKEA shelves over it eventually so it won't be unrelenting TEAL like it is now.  But I like it dark.  It definitely adds character to the room.

And, for my next trick, I will continue to paint the walls.  It's like magic, only it's slow and messy.  Oh, wait, magic is slow and messy.  NM, it's just like magic.


The Colorman said...

You can call it TEAL, but it's still gr-EEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!

But peach...good color!

Kami said...

It really is teal. Really!

Okay, it's green. Fine!