Friday, September 05, 2008

What am I, plus I hope it wins!

If you know what this is, let me know.  My guess is that it's a wing from a wind power generator.  Not far behind this item was something mechanical -- also gigantic, cylindrical, with what looked like pistons ringing the outside.  

Notice that this is a custom trailer.  The trailer is also gigantic.  Hard to convey the scope of this baby.  I couldn't get it all in the pic, mainly because I was driving.  I know, I know, bad Kami--this is my first and probably last pic taken while driving.  I wouldn't have taken it if I thought it was unsafe.  You know me--safety first.

Except, oops, I almost forgot I took those pics of that fire.  But I'm done now, really.

Email is all good now.  The desktop is back on the desktop and my laptop is in a good locale for laptops--upstairs where there are cushy chairs to write in.

I've fooled around with computers long enough.  Now I really, seriously need to get stuff done inside and outside of the house.

BTW, congrats (a bit late, I've known about this for a couple days) to the Writers of the Future Honorable Mentions!  Writers & Illustrators of the Future Blog: Honorable Mentions - 2nd Set for the 3rd Quarter.  My story is still in the running, though that may be a technicality more than something to be hopeful about--it could just be at the bottom of someone's slush box.  Still, I'm very excited by the possibility that I might at least make honorable mention this time.  I'm a lousy judge of my own stories, but this is a favorite of mine and I hope it does well.

I hope it wins!!

Oops, did I say that with my outside voice?

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