Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The prep that never ends

The kitteh is tearing around the house like a maniac.  I wonder if she does this as a way to blow off steam when things aren't going her way.  Right now the thing that's not going her way is that mom isn't going to bed.  Bedtime means pouncing things that move under the blankets, tunneling in blankets, playing king of the bed with other cats and then a good long nap.  And of course in the morning there's the races back and forth across the bed to look forward to.

I know how she feels.  I still haven't had time to write much and it's making me restless.  No letting up on the schedule tomorrow, either.  I have a bunch of tile to mortar in.  It's all cut and looks dandy, but I had to take a break from tiling to clear out as much as I could of the downstairs.  Why?  Because I had an offer of help, and snagged it.  We worked from about 10am until about 4.  There are still a few more things, but nothing the kids and I can't do in a relatively short amount of time.

If I get the tile mortared in fairly quickly I may have some writing time.  The good thing about all this waiting is that my dreams are becoming very vivid (I seldom have vivid dreams when I'm writing) and I'm very eager to get back to writing.  This is a good combination for the generation of some short stories.

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