Wednesday, January 07, 2009

They have my eyes

At the dinner table today, we had Star Wars dinner theater.

Darth Vader:  Luke, I'm your father.
Luke:  No, that's impossible!
Darth Vader:  You know it's true.
Luke:  You know, now that you mention it, I noticed we had the same eyes.

The boy has a school project where he has to cook dinner for us four nights in a row and we all have to sit at the dinner table and talk.  We do the sit down dinner with candles and all that for holidays, but most times, dinnertime is movie time.  We eat, watch a movie, and keep up a running commentary.  I don't think his teacher realizes how dangerous it is for our family members to talk.  We could take over the world or something.  Besides, I know she wouldn't approve of what we talk about.  The Darth Vader stuff was the tamest part.  It's much better for the world if we have distractions to keep us from thinking, planning, and having fun.  

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