Thursday, January 08, 2009

Weird Health Notes

If you brush your teeth regularly, you'll reduce your risk of heart disease.  I've known this for years, but I'm not sure that it's common knowledge.  I especially make sure I brush my teeth before I eat in the morning.  Chowing down on your own plaque can't be good for you and besides, ew, gross!!

On livejournal I got into some of the details of how I've IFed in the past, and how I plan to operate using the IF paradigm for the 101 program beta test Steve Barnes is running.  Today is a regular, rather than a fast day.  I'm looking forward to having some treats today.  I don't let myself have dessert after dinner on non-fast days, but I can have dessert with lunch, and I can be a bad girl with my snacks if I really want.  On non-fast days, I find I eat a more complete lunch--all the food groups are included, I usually have dessert, and sometimes I have a glass of wine too.  It makes sense to me to have a lunch that's a bigger production than dinner.  Going to bed with a full stomach isn't good.

Wanna know how sumo wrestlers get big?  They get up very early, work out hard, eat a ginormous breakfast and then sleep.  Then they wake up, work out hard, eat a huge dinner, and go to bed for the night.  Wanna know how to get really big?  Eat two huge meals a day and nap right afterward.  If you exercise heavily you'll bulk up on those muscles and add to your size and weight, while still hanging on to the fat.

If you don't want to be huge, eat more meals, smaller meals, and sleep on a relatively empty stomach.


The Moody Minstrel said...

Sumo rikishi also eat a special, traditional meal that is very high in calories. They're also known to drink a lot of beer and/or sake.

Kami said...

Mmm, sake ...