Friday, February 26, 2010

Aw Kittehs

we haz cuteness u r slaves now

Teh housework, it was full of ick, but it's all better now. I wasn't able to put away the hand towels, though, because the kitties ... well, you can see for yourself. Their cuteness grows daily. Soon they will rule the house! I have a long video of Carey (the gray fluff) grooming Veronica (litt'l white kitteh.) It goes on a bit so it's one of those things that only a kitty mommy could love, so I probably won't post it on You Tube (ha, see how I act as if I know how to do that?) but I'm sure you can imagine.

Add purring to both this image and the unseen video and you have a pretty complete pic.

I haven't had two cats get along this well since, well, Chi Chi (the first) and Missy. Chi Chi was also a gray kitteh, and fluffy, found as a stray kitten. My father put his foot down. Absolutely no kittehs in the house. My mom let her in during the day while he was at work and fed her. One day she hid, and he came home, and she crawled up onto his chest, purring like mad ... and we ended up with our very first cat ever. Chi Chi was already a middle-aged kitteh when we adopted Missy, a short-haired gray and white thing. Something similar to the pic above was the result.

I love these sweet memories and moments.


The Moody Minstrel said...'s a fuzz puddle! :)

Our little female cat finally went into heat for the first time a couple of weeks ago. (I'd been waiting for that. Unfortunately, vets here are stinky about doing it early.) Despite all my best efforts, my son and daughter let her outside once each, and the second time she was gone overnight. I'm determined to get her spayed as soon as my schedule allows it (ha ha ha...), but there's a chance we might end up with a little accident...

Kami said...

Oh noes! Wittle kittehs everywhere! Heh.