Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rolling with the Weather

I had a good time at Radcon, but I'm more than ready to get back to work.

In the works:

More short story writing
More writing on House of Goats (and I have a first reader now! Yippee!)
More gardening

We've had incredibly good weather. After a few days of rain, we're back to sunny weather. My test-run of snow peas came up, so I'm going to go ahead and plant a half row of them. The fava beans also started coming up, so I'll plant those, and more garbanzo beans, which didn't come up for some reason still unknown to me. I'll check the seeds before I plant the new ones--it just may have been too cold for them to finish coming up, or something might have gotten to them. I also, as of yesterday afternoon, have a half row of spinach, and I'll be putting in some carrots, lettuce, and possibly some scallions.

This is the wrong time of year to put all my eggs in one basket, so the planting will remain conservative. I'm not going to put all my seeds in the ground, despite our incredibly nice early weather, because we've had snow on April Fool's Day before. All my plantings could still freeze, not to mention we'll lose our fruit crop because our peaches are starting to bud, and the other trees won't be far behind. All we can do in that case is just look forward to next year.

So much of life involves rolling with the weather, be it the stuff outdoors, or economic, or health or what have you. So far so good. I just hope we can hang on and have a really good year.


Kai Jones said...

I'm putting in some of my kale and chard seeds; I might even try sweet peas.

My daphne, which I planted 3 years ago and was almost killed by snow 2 years in a row, has bloomed for the first time!

Kami said...

Yay, daphne! Those are awesome. I hope mine will bloom soon too. Right now all I have for blooms are the winter jasmine and there's a little color on the buds of my earliest daffodils.

Today I put in a half row of old carrot seeds I never got around to planting last year, and 1/4 row of new carrot seeds. I also did a half row of lettuce. Weee!