Thursday, February 25, 2010


My DH and I have put up (most of) a shed. Like a mushroom, it sprouted practically overnight, and we put the roof on it just before the rains came, as in it began to rain only minutes later. My wheelbarrow, some tools and building materials are currently sheltered underneath, nice and dry. I'm giddy with power. Mwa ha ha!

Soon, soon now I will also put up a larger structure as a kind of studio. Some of you may remember that I planned to create a kind of sun room under our deck and use that as a studio. The thing is, to do that right I would require some things I don't have on hand, and I have just about everything I need to build a garden structure. I may need a 2x12 and a couple or three 2x6s and some 2x4 studs, and I'll need about a yard of gravel and some bags of pre-mix cement, but other than that, I think I can make due with what I've got.

It's all very exciting.

Meanwhile, I'm waiting for the seeds I planted to come up. Except for a couple of new varieties I'm making room for (or will when we have dry weather again,) I don't plan on adding rows of veggies until I see me some leaves.

A few minutes ahead of me, a bunny went checking out the garden also. He didn't find anything worth snarfing yet either. Sigh.

But there's been progress.

I made progress on House of Goats too. Ah yes, memories of puppy escapes. I swear this book is writing itself. Good times, my friends, good times ...

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