Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chiron Business Logo

I created a logo for Rory's business. I hope to have more refined versions, but hopefully this one is good enough for T-shirt pocket-sized patches and business cards and such. I know I need to move the left (his left, my right) chest line up. I'd also like to have a cleaner sword. This will involve enlarging the image and playing with some nicer pens--this one was done with a G2 gel.

Overall, though, I like it enough that I'm not ashamed of it. Thank goodness that I only have to do this type of illustration a couple of times a year. It's really time/creativity intensive for me, far more so than writing or painting in watercolor. Probably because I'm not as practiced at it.


Molly said...

Cool -
I am still very grateful for the log you did for my business. Maybe you could add this as a sideline?

Kami said...

I could certainly look into what would be involved ... and I'd have to educate myself about logos in general. I bet there's a book about it! Thanks for the suggestion!