Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Downstairs Down in the Dumps

We've drawn our lines in the sand. Actually, they're more like blocks of mortar setting in rat tunnel entrances. Assuming we've found all the entrances, I'm anticipating a rat-free house (yay!) for at least a few years. I can finally (re)finish the downstairs without feeling like it's all for nothing. You know, the downstairs I had new floors put in, and repainted with fabulous colors, and remodeled? Yeah, that downstairs, which got ripped apart and run over as we tried to root out the evil yuck that accumulates wherever rats go.

The floor is still gorgeous. It's just hard to notice with the ceiling all torn out.

When we've got a new ceiling up, I'll celebrate by giving the place a good cleaning/decluttering. It will shine once more, oh yes, it will shine. But first, I have to mud all the top edges and repaint where the tape between wall and ceiling ripped down. Ugh.

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