Thursday, April 22, 2010


We switched over to OS X Snow Leopard a couple of days ago. The jury's still out. I'll know more about how well I like it when I get the unofficial manual. I use those like a tour book. Without a tour or guide book, I pretty much stick to doing what I've always done, which negates any benefit (other than keeping up so that we don't end up with obsolete, unsupported machines) of upgrading. We ordered the book the same day we got the software, so it should be here any day now.
One thing I'm looking forward to (though it turns out I've had this capability all along, unbeknownst to me) is the creation of podcasts. In my copious spare time, of course. I'm also looking forward to organizing my workspace better. Because in the end it's all about getting the computer to make my job as a writer more efficient and productive, and to help me be more creative. If it didn't do that, I'd be better off with a typewriter. Fewer distractions that way. I do think I get a lot more work done on this thing than I would a typewriter. It's full of awesome, and topped with awesome sauce. Soon now, I hope to cook like a gourmet with this baby. C'mon, post office, deliver my book!

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