Friday, April 16, 2010

Two Writer Household Quirks

People keep giving the DH and me looks when we go to Wifi hotspots around town. We must look terribly unromantic, having a sit-down lunch or coffee, typing and not talking to each other. Ah, the state of our current technological world. Human contact will be a thing of the past if all couples go the way they're going, they must think.

It is a little weird on the one hand, but on the other, the only reason we go out anymore (besides for romantic or celebratory dinners, which are actually more fun at home) is to have a business meal, where we can connect at blinding (meaning not dial-up) speeds. We often go to the library, where it's free, but sometimes we're hungry, you know?

Perhaps it is unromantic and sterile anyway. That's not all bad. As far as the sterile part--I love our kids, but thank the gods because we don't need any more. On the romance part of things--at least we kick each other under the table, and we've even been known to send goofy love emails during a break. It's less likely to interrupt a thought than kicking each other under the table (the surest sign of love. Quarreling sibs take heed.)

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