Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mojo update

Mojo is still feeling really terrible.  He tells me about it all the time.  Instead of spending the day on housework and writing, I spent it cuddling the sad little white thing.  It whined and pawed my face and whined some more and demanded to be picked up and made to feel better.  I can hardly deny him.  He's very seriously ill.

So I called the vet and there was actual good news with the bad.
His liver enzymes are bad.  We're not going to dig him a grave yet but it's serious.
His platelet count is very low.  That explains why he bled from the blood draw so long.
He's severely anemic, but not quite bad enough to justify a blood transfusion.
He does not have feline leukemia or AIDS.  Yay!
We haven't gotten his toxo and some other tests back yet, but if he's negative for those, we're looking at a good chance for recovery with the current antibiotic.  

Determining whether he has haemobart (what the vet calls it for short) or not isn't easy.  It's more of a process of elimination paired with liver enzymes, anemia and low platelet count that diagnose haemobart.  If we've caught it in time, which it seems we have since he's eating and walking around, he should make a full recovery.  Now we just wait to see if there's anything else wrong with him.  If not, we may actually be out of the woods since he's on the right antibiotic now.

Keeping my fingers crossed ...


Kai Jones said...

Still thinking good thoughts.

Ris said...

I hope he is feeling much much better soon so that he can whine and beg for attention from sheer cuteness!

The Moody Minstrel said...

That's really sad!

I hope you get your Mojo working!

(I know...I should be shot...)