Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Think Good Thoughts for Mojo

Turns out Mojo is more sick than we thought.  He's not in horrible shape, but he's not good.  Already a thin kitty, he's lost a few ounces since he first went to the vet.  

The culprit may be a blood parasite (more info here.)  He's being treated for it while his blood work is being done.  His eye color change is probably from jaundice, so they'll be blue again when he's well.  For now he's in a somewhat precarious position, so think good thoughts.  The things he has going for him include that he's still pretty strong, he's eating well, and as far as we know he's not immune compromised.  This is a little suspicious so even though he passed his tests at the cat shelter, he's being retested for feline leukemia, AIDS and all that.  So keep your fingers crossed.
The Mojonator has felt better.  Yes, that's blood at his throat from his blood draw.

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