Sunday, August 24, 2008

Long Day Ahead

I've got a meeting in the Beav town.  It's going to eat my whole day.  The kids will be heading off for some last minute vacationing for a couple of days, so I'll come back to a house full of pissed-off critters.

I made some progress on one of the sequel novels last night, finished up a chapter.  The characters are just now realizing how deep in they've gotten and they're all scared, except Gutter, who's annoyed.  Lark's done the equivalent of eloping with a high school sweetheart as far as Gutter is concerned and he's going to try to salvage the situation.  Salvage for Gutter will equal big problems for Lark, and he'll have to choose between double crossing Gutter or betraying his master.  Yay conflict!


Things that puzzle this other goddess.... said...

LOL Just jerk those characters around, why don't you? Love, ttptog

Kami said...

Why thank you, I think I'll do just that!

I bought Conflict, Action and Suspense (part of the Elements of Fiction Writing series) by William Noble so I can do even a better job of screwing over my char-er-I mean entertaining my readers. Yeah, that's what I meant. No characters will be harmed in the--well, that's not true. Never mind!

Things that puzzle this other goddess.... said...

Just make sure they receive their therapy when you're through with them. You can't screw them over and leave them with nothing...not sporting at least kiss them off. :D

Love you, ttptog