Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Stressed.  Aggravated.  I may end up spending money today and I didn't want to do that.  Maybe I'll do okay surrounded by all the shiny new fun products because I'll be a reluctant customer.  When I'm an eager customer I often want the biggest, brightest and newest and then settle for something that's a step down.  Not today.  Boy, definitely not today.

Jasmine is having DVD/CD drive issues.  Hopefully it's something simple, something easy.  Regardless, I think it's under warrantee still (I may extend the warrantee today!) so that's fine.  It's just that I'm in the middle of several projects and not having the big machine for them is going to set me back.  Also, I'll lose email contact with my beloved.  Well, I guess I can borrow someone's machine or use one in the library.  Anyway.  It's a bother and my back's up, never a good sign.  After breakfast and bill paying I'll feel better.

Wait, I never feel better after bill paying!

Actually, in this case I will.  I'll have that credit card back to zero and I won't have that unconscious, well, semi-conscious feeling that I'm going to spend the household into oblivion and we'll lose everything because of me.

No pressure.


And in the middle of this he calls and the whole world is better!  I know I'm not shouldering anything alone but sometimes I get caught up and end up with tunnel vision.

So I'm going to go get the computer fixed and keep an open mind and maybe come home with a new computer.  If not, I'll have talked to him today and it'll only be two or three days without home computing.  I doubt I'll blog in that time, even if I make it down to the library or to a friend's house, but you never know.  


Things that puzzle this other goddess.... said...

Oh, hon, I'm so sorry. I know what a b*tch it is to not be able to rely on your computer. Wishing you good luck.

Kami said...

Thanks! Things are instantly better. I'm now live on my new laptop, which is a clone of my big computer. It's eerie, seeing my desktop image and all my goodies right here just as I left them, but in miniature.

It wasn't as expensive as I feared, and I was able to get a bunch of fun toys as a result. Including wireless for the house. So now, scarily enough, my son will have internet access.

And I'll be able to work on my writing anywhere in the house!

I'll still use my office a lot. It's a great workspace, and all my stuff is there. :D

Kami said...

Oh, and how kewl is this--no blot on my screen!

Melissa said...

Yay...a new 'puter for K! Too bad it's a Mac....LOL

ABBB was a blast....so when do we get to see more pics and video?

Kami said...

Good question! I don't as a habit post lots of pics and I've never posted video online. The easiest thing would probably be to just make extra copies of the DVD and hand them out as presents.