Monday, August 04, 2008

We're chilling and green

The verdict is that we still have a refrigerator.  It's even our old refrigerator.  It no longer has a functioning ice maker, but we don't have a water feature in the kitchen any more.  

In garden news, I've whacked back a substantial amount of blackberries and, with some added plantings (mostly donations and stuff I've been growing from seed) the wildflower garden is starting to look more like a perennial garden.  There's some disproportion--plants that were supposed to get 24-36 inches high are still making small mounds, plants that were supposed to be 12-18 inches are exploding, and the shrubs I planted that will eventually be, depending on the type, anywhere from 12-20 feet tall are still only knee high and getting buried.  But, you know, in a few years the place will look like a million bucks.  Which is good, because if I were paying myself wages that would be about what I'd owe myself by then.

Tomorrow I have a girly checkup with my doc.  I'd planned on going to the Fireside writing thing but the appointment falls at kind of an inconvenient time, so I think I'll stay home tomorrow and bask in the house of operational appliances.  At least I hope they'll all be operational ...

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