Thursday, August 07, 2008

Police line do not cross

A long but good day today.  We went to the county fair and did county fair things complete with seeing just about every animal there and eating elephant ears.  I have a bright yellow elastic bracelet that says POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS, the kind that are kind of like giant rubber bands.  I'm sure there's a specific name for that kind of bracelet but I'm not nearly kewl enough to know what it is.  Out of keeping with tradition, we put on enough sunscreen that none of us are sunburnt.

When I got home I put another 20 or so books into my library thing.  I haven't yet finished the books on my computer desk--that's all that this list is so far.  Some of them are reference, some of them are on my to-read pile, some of them are inspiration, and some of them were written by friends of mine so I like to keep those close while I'm writing.  Maybe the magic will rub off.

I'm so tired I'm rocking in my chair, not back and forth, but side to side and not focusing on anything when I'm not typing.  Time to call it a day.  No writing, no reading, but I don't feel like I've slacked off.  If anything, I bet the writing has percolated nicely in the summer sun and tomorrow will be a great writing day.  Unless I sleep through it.  A distinct possibility.


The Moody Minstrel said...

Aren't those called "friendship bracelets"?

And why would I know that?

Things that puzzle this other goddess.... said...

Hey girl, glad you guys had a good day. :) If they are like the livestrong bands they are called "baller bands". Love ya, ttptog

Kami said...

Baller bands. When I look at one of them and think baller band all I can think is ow! Heh. They wouldn't be very, ahem, comfortable.

But yes, I see with some Googling that what I have is in fact a silicon baller band.