Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Making Time

This is the first Tuesday I've missed Fireside writing in a long while.  Well, I guess just a month.  Or maybe three weeks.  More than two weeks straight, anywho. 

And what am I doing?

Straightening out some silly problem our medical insurance is having with keeping track of paperwork.  Dental is a done deal.  Medical?  I dunno.  They dunno.  No one knows who knows.

And, of course, I'm blogging here.  Ah yes, the deadly distractions from writing.  There's only one thing for it.  Finish up my faxing, finish writing this blog entry, and go forth and write.  It's just that easy, and just that hard to work for an opportunity to write.  If I waited for a quiet moment to settle in and type a few words, I'd have zip, zero, nada done.  

Have a good night, everyone.  See ya in the morrow!

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