Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Today, Meow Your Head Off, Kitty and Sad Kitteh bowled three games each and I, Sad Kitteh, got my best score evah (for just one game!)  121.  Okay, I don't think anyone is so sad that they'd need three games to get to 121, even me, but I thought I'd be clear.  Meow Your Head Off is bowling really well and that ball lets off a little sonic boom on the way down the alley, so I broke down and got (just him) his very own bowling ball--a better one than I'd planned on because it was on mega-sale, being the last of its kind.  Kitty and I will wait until mid-September and get ordinary awesome balls instead of super awesome balls.

The new laptop, Lark, is being a good little clone and handling business while Jasmine is away.  Today I finally paid off that credit card (yay!)  What a load off my mind!  I'm much, much less stressed.  

And much creativity results.  I got an idea for a non-fiction book.  No, seriously.  I'm not going to spend heaps of time on it because I don't have a platform, so it's unlikely to sell.  But it's about sex! so maybe it'll sell anyway.  I'm sure I'll finish it.  I wrote for four solid hours on it and I'm just getting warmed up.  Turns out I have a lot to say.

I feel a big writing thing coming on.  With the kids about to re-enter school, I have an opportunity to make much words happen on page.  Fiction, non-fiction, whatever.  It's all good.

Bowling.  Finances.  Writing.  It's been a big day.  We'll have another tomorrow, with school schedule pick up and pictures and fees and topping off lunch accounts.  With the cool, rainy weather, it feels like autumn, something my dh taught me to think of as Wandering.  I don't quite have that longing to see what's over the horizon when I go outside, but I have it internally.  I want to write around the next corner, bowl the next game, make our finances start working for us.  This is a good place to be.


Molly said...

How can a book about sex not have a platform? You've had sex (at least twice, with probably some practice rounds). Rumor has it you enjoy your subject. Over the next few months you could potentially gain the experience to devote a whole chapter on phone sex (it's for research - how could he say no?). The subject has universal appeal. If you have a lot to say, there are a lot of people that want to hear it!

Rick Prowett said...

I would be happy to be a proof-reader! Or test subject, or...whatever! My favorite subject! LOL

Things that puzzle this other goddess.... said...

Stick to proof reader dear. :) Test subjects make wives testes! Love you...Kam, glad you're reducing the money worries, and as others have already stated, I'm SURE you have plenty to say about sex. :)

Kami said...


Thanks everyone for the votes of confidence!