Monday, August 04, 2008

You gotta be kidding me

The refrigerator is leaking.  The appliance guy will be here later today to fix what he believes is a problem with the defrost drain.
You know, I mentioned that on the (seemingly more unlikely) day that I remodel the kitchen the only appliance I'm interested in replacing is the refrigerator.  I also mentioned that I wanted a new washer and drier, and noted that because the pump is so noisy it'll probably go out soon and need to be replaced.  Guess what's all died recently?  Is the washer next?

I would like to now make an announcement.
Everything in this house is fine.  We don't need anything new here.  What we have is serviceable and fine and I'd like to continue to use it please.  Thank you!

Unfortunately I have been talking about putting in hardwood floors, replacing some of the furniture and, eventually, the tv.  Anyone want to take bets on what breaks or goes bad next?!  Gah!

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Things that puzzle this other goddess.... said...

lol. our friendship is just fine! I don't need to be replaced either!