Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Flash! AaAah!

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I've been thinking a lot about flash fiction.  It's still coming to me mostly by accident the same way that finding a penny in the parking lot happens if you look around long enough.  I told a good friend of mine today that I can come up with several novel ideas in a single bath, enough for 10,000 years of writing within a lifetime, but it takes days of racking my brains before I come up with even one possibility for a flash.  Take a shower, she suggested.  She knows about me and water and ideas.  But then the water would get cold, I whined.  So take a quick shower and come up with the idea before you're done, she replied.

I'll try a prompt tomorrow.  In the meantime I've got a new short story close to done and some stuff to critique and more stuff to read.  Maybe later this week I'll have time to work on one of my novels.  Sheesh.  I knew I'd be able to focus more on writing once I quit my day job, but I didn't expect all my projects and plans to pig pile on me as a result. 

What I'm reading:  Lace and Blade, edited by Deborah Ross
Quality:  Very high
My quality ratings:  Struggling, Emerging, Average, High, Very High


C.S. said...

Story Dog-pile on Kami!!

*Imagine all the neighborhood kids screaming this. Scary, ain't it?

Then go shower. Yes, a quick one.


Kami said...

Hot or cold?

Fortunately a flash idea came to me before any ritual dampness occurred. Maybe my muse didn't want to get her hair wet. :-)