Monday, July 07, 2008


This morning on the way out to the car we were, as always, mobbed by the Sea of Unconditional Love: Brian, Finn and Beast (we miss you Nikita!)  Jostled, panted-on, we swam to the gate.  Both of us are accustomed to keeping our feet in this situation and unlatching the gate while being swarmed.  These dogs do not jump on people--they have better manners than that--but they are large and tend to circle their people and sometimes hop their front legs onto the porch rail or the large doghouse on the porch putting their faces near a human's face level (and incidentally making it impossible to get by without either pushing them down or commanding them down and then waiting for them to get around to it.)  
It's amazing that I used to make it to work relatively undishevelled when I think about it.  
While the boy waited for me to unlock the car after I clipped the gate so it wouldn't open should Beast nuzzle the latch (like a Jurassic Park velociraptor, Beast constantly tests his fence, heh) the boy started to grin.  "I guess we know what it feels like to be a celebrity."
I had to laugh.  Yep, we're mobbed every time we leave the house and every time we arrive back home.  

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