Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Despite doc's best efforts, Kami is still writing

Today I had a (TMI! medical procedure.)  Everything went smoothly and other than some very minor discomfort I'm doing fab.  Fab, unfortunately in this case, means I'm walking around like an old woman (not hunched but shuffling) and easing slowly when I get up and down.  I'm sure I'll be less sore tomorrow morning.  By Thursday I should be feeling back to normal, just in time for a mammogram.  I tell ya, trying to stay healthy is a lot of work and yuckiness.  But at least my hand feels a lot better.  It still hurts when I make a fist, but the fact that I can make a fist is spectacularoso.  

I got a lot of novel writing (by hand) done at Fireside today.  I broke an old man's hip.  I'm such a meanie!  It's really good that my characters can't get to me because I'd be in big trouble with some serious bad-asses.  

And now, for my next trick, I will finish (I hope!) reading and critiquing a book manuscript before bedtime.  I've got about ten more days to work on it but I want it done so that I can get back to my real job eating bon bons.  Er, I mean writing.  Yeah.  And maybe even some art!


Mark Jones said...

I dunno what your TMI! issue is, but I know the feeling. I'm hobbling around with a cane tonight--due to either arthritis or gout(!) in my big toe. This sucks!

With Kai wincing occasionally due to her shoulder injury and me yelping when I move my foot wrong, we're quite a pair. It's a foretaste of the distant future and I'm pretty sure I don't like it.

Kami said...

Yeah, that crummy long-range forecast. I see the writing on the wall myself. Still, so far so good--I think you'll feel better soon. We're not spring chickens anymore but we still have nice shiny feathers and we lay every day. Or something like that. LOL