Monday, July 28, 2008

Buzy Daze

After running around for what seems like forever we're all ready for some down time around here.  But for other local families life is gearing up.  The baby swallows are out and about today.  They can fly quite well and one of them was even hunting earlier, but they'd rather sit on our clothesline and get fed.  I was able to get quite close, but not as close as I'd like outside and not at a good angle, so sorry about the cruddy quality of the pics.

There are at least five little birds.  The fifth one is sitting apart from the others and it seems more interested than the others in hunting for itself, at least sometimes.

They're adorable and I'm glad they graced us today.


C.S. said...

If I have said so before, let me now: I really love your bird pics, good quality or not.

Things that puzzle this other goddess.... said...

I thot I thaw a putty, it's a Kami Kat! LOL

Kami said...


The uppermost one was taken from the deck and the darned camera kept wanting to focus on the grass. I wasn't close enough to manually focus, either. The lower two focused right but I had to take them through the sliding door so there's glass blur.

I post these things because I think even with their problems the subjects (eeee! cute baby sparrows!!) are worth posting. But someday I'll have a real camera, oh yes I will, someday. And a tripod too.