Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bliss and Success

Still sore today.  Nothing new there.  I think I'm better in that incremental way that people feel better with their colds when the fever goes away but they're still coughing and draining enough snot to go into national production.  At least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  

Also, I had my first mammogram today.  I think I must be a member of the lucky few because it didn't hurt.  At all.  Squeeze the boobies this way, squeeze 'em that way, and you're all done.  It was firm but not at all painful pressure.  Piece of cake.  After my TMI procedure I was all ready to be pain endurance woman, too.  Got some ibuprofen into me, coached myself to relax, take deep breaths that reach below the navel, and concentrate forward through time with wordless calm.  I'd say it was a huge disappointment but actually it was a relief.  I won't hesitate to go in for a mammogram on the suggested timetable.  The bummer part, aside from having no chance to use my (very limited) zen training?  No excuse to go have a conciliatory ice cream at Cold Stone.  Nothing to do but to go home, have lunch and wait until it was time to pick the boy up from school.

I was missing my man pretty desperately yesterday but I got to talk to him today and I'm walking on clouds on air.  A best friend and lover's voice develops a direct connection to the soul.  It doesn't amaze me at all that I'm in a great mood today.  My spirit has had a big chunk of emotional chocolate and is riding the endorphin high.  Weeeee!

So it's been a day of bliss and success.  Now I just have to finish up my reading, finish up my financial stuff for the week and I can finally settle into some semblance of summer vacation.


Deborah said...

Fwiw, I don't find mammograms painful, either. Not exactly comfortable, but far from the agony they seem to cause other women. Yay, us!

Kami said...

Yay! I'm glad to hear that's the case for you too. It's such an important diagnostic tool and if people avoid it then there can be serious consequences. I think even if it hurt a lot I would go back, but the temptation to procrastinate would be much, much more difficult to overcome.

Kai Jones said...

Aww, I know just what you mean about the voice. Glad you guys got to talk.

Kami said...

Me too. I'm looking forward to the possibility that we'll get to have even better conversations midway through next month and onward.

Anonymous said...

You absolute b*tch! LOL

They hurt, they've always hurt and I still have to have them EVERY year! aargh! You're the one who breezed through labor too! (I really, really, really dislike you at the moment...)

But I'll say I'm glad that you and Rory got to talk anyway. :)
Love you,

Kami said...

I bet they tell you to just relax, too! You'll feel some pressure ...

Good luck with your next one, love.