Monday, July 21, 2008


I'm approaching 10,000 views for this blog.  A lot of those views are me--I do check in several times a day most days to answer comments and I use this site to get to my favorite blogs.  But not all of them are me by any means and 10,000 is a big, fun, landmark number to get to.  I started at zero, so it's not padded (except by my own obsessive checking.)  Oh, and yes, I know I can take myself out of the count, but since I don't have a steady IP address that would involve going to the counter site to figure out who's me quite a few times before I eliminated the majority and that sounds like too much work taken away from things that I actually like to do and, you know, care about.  

So in some ways 10,000 is meaningless.  I'll probably miss the actual turnover, since I don't plan on reloading this page the teen number of times it'll take to get there.  When it happens it happens.  Like noticing it's 12:34 on the clock sometimes, I'll get a grin when I see it, and then move on.  Thanks for reading!

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