Thursday, July 31, 2008

Let me entertain you!

So, our pump went out this morning.  We knew this was coming.  It was making lots of noise, letting  us know that it was a very, very unhappy pump and wanted a hug.  The timing of it, though--oh so good, and yet oh so bad.  I mean, it's like there's a mini-fate that keeps an eye on us.  She never throws us anything we can't afford, but makes it expensive enough that our financial plans are shot.  Remember the hardwood floor in September?  Poof.  

Well, maybe not.  But it's looking unlikely.  This isn't an ordinary pump.  Nope, this is a 3/4 horsepower well pump sitting at the bottom of somewhere around 200' of pipe, and it all has to come out.  Yep, all of it.  Pipe, wiring, plumbing and pump are all coming out of the ground tomorrow.  It's a half day job ($$) with a bunch of guys ($$$$) and some heavy lifting equipment to pull the pipe straight out ($$$) plus the new pipe, pump, and any plumbing that has to be replaced ($).  So the money I'd planned on spending on hardwood floors downstairs ($$$$) will go toward paying off the credit card.

What, you say?!  Credit card?!!

We can afford it ... in two weeks.  Not tomorrow.  Two weeks.  And they're coming tomorrow because I want to flush my toilets, thank you!

Mini fate, I love you.  Kiss kiss, sweetheart, darling.  Thank you for not throwing us more than we can handle.


So this week's entertainment will be the plumbing circus.  I thought, whatever, let's call the appliance guy and just repair the drier if possible while we're at it.  Because the new drier ($$$) I wanted?  No point if there's no water getting to the washing machine.  

I'm not disheartened, I'm really not.  I'm grateful that this isn't going to punt us into bankruptcy or put us into debt for the next X number of years.  It's just another thing to keep me busy.

This weekend.  This weekend we'll settle back and relax.  Really.  It could happen!


Things that puzzle this other goddess.... said...

Oh man Kami. Sometimes you make me glad for city water. LOL (But not when I'm paying the bill every month.) At least you've got room on the card to swing it so that the toilets will flush again.

Sure hope you have a camping toilet in the house, or at least a 5 gallon bucket with a toilet seat :)
blessings, sondra

C.S. said...

Should tomorrow evening's INK meeting be put on hold? I ask because many bathroom trips may be necessary.

Kami said...

No camping toilet. We stayed out and about until late yesterday so we didn't overly grossify the house. And clog things with stuff.

No putting INK meetings on hold will be necessary. I suppose something could always go wrong, but we should have water in a couple of hours!