Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Autumnal cleaning

I'm doing my annual fall cleanup inside the house.  For various reasons, and probably some I haven't considered, I'm taking the autumn cleaning much further than usual.  Maybe it's from watching too many Jane Austen and other period pieces.  Rather than make me wish for a house full of staff that looks after the upkeep, I've recognized that A. I have a lot less square footage to take care of, B. I have a lot fewer people to take care of, C. I don't have to polish lots of silver  D. I have lots of modern conveniences like vacuum cleaners, indoor plumbing, microfiber dusting cloths and swiffer for the really ugly accumulations of dust, and E. no one in my household is nobility that generates work but doesn't have to actually do work.

Puts this housekeeping thing all into perspective.

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