Sunday, October 05, 2008

Programming Pre-Hell games

So I was all feeling proud of myself for putting out one of my personal fires for programming when I decided to deal with another situation.  It's only 2:30 am, I reasoned.  I can do another half hour of work and knock off one of my last chores before programming hell.  Piece of cake.

So I opened up the database, and blinked.  And stared.  And realized that it was not to be at 2:30 am.  In fact, it might not be to be until Monday.  Granted, Monday is when I figured I'd get my data together, but since I'd planned on getting my data via the database on Monday, and it's not there, I will now have to get my data another way.  It will probably involve chocolate shipped to certain addresses and possibly some groveling and hopefully by Monday these things will have paid off and I will have actual useful data on Monday.

I know.  These non-specific whining posts are so dull.  I'm too tired to care.  And I'm annoyed.  But glad.  Glad I caught this before Monday, because if I caught this on Monday, I'm not sure when I'd get my data.  Later than I want it, later than other departments need it.  So staying up late to finish this stuff paid off.  I'm now aware of a problem that I didn't know was a problem.

On the other hand, I have a problem.  Poopyhead software.

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