Friday, October 10, 2008

Tear it all up!

The contractors are showing up this morning.  Yay!

I expect the house will be vile with dust.  

I'm so looking forward to laminate floors downstairs.  But it won't happen without a price.  The cost of the project is just one piece.  The disaster that's our garage, my office, the bathroom and the laundry room where three large rooms of crap are crammed is another form of coin.  The dirt that will get stirred up is another.  And of course the pain in the butt that's cat herding, and having strangers in the house, and having this start the same day as programming hell, and on and on the list goes right through trying to put the downstairs back together again in a rational and much more enduring fashion.  What will we do with all the clutter that I'm determined will not come back in the house again?  Can we say lots of time of sorting through junk trying to figure out what goes to the dump, what gets donated and what will end up in a garage sale?  Brr.  We'll have to do it on a strict schedule or it'll end up like those boxes people end up with after a move that never do get opened before the next move.

It'll be good.  But for now the house is all torn up, and they haven't even starting pulling carpet yet.

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