Thursday, October 09, 2008


Sometimes I worry about silly things, like do I have taste.  My tastes are skewed toward eras long past.  I know this.  And I've become amazingly shy about it.  I was all gung ho about posting a loveseat I found today that I love, and now I'm all Negative Self Talk Woman.

People are going to be polite and then throw up on their keyboard.
My husband is going to think it's the ugliest thing he's ever seen.
So you love it, so what?  It's a design disaster.  I mean look at it.  Safer to go with the beige thing at IKEA that fits the nook to the inch.
Pink fringe on the pillows?  Pink fringe?  C'mon, you're a rough and tumble kind of gal.  Knock back a shot of rum, skewer the nearest evil doer, write five thousand words and still have time to fix a prime rib for dinner.  You're not allowed to like pink fringe.  You shouldn't even be typing the words.

And so on.  And it's vicious!  Seriously.  I love it and yet for fears of being judged and due to a healthy dose of self-depracation, I'm not allowing myself to love it without reservation.  I have to pick at it.  This thing that I adored when I first laid eyes on it, I'm now wondering if I can let it be seen in the house.

So what should I let win?  My critical nature, or love at first sight?  I say, let love win and battle the evil naysayer that's taken up residence in my soul.  And yet, I wouldn't be where I am today as a writer if I embraced what flows from my heart without reservation.  The reservation gives me room to accept critiques, to allow for a lack of perfection and even allow for a complete lack of judgement.  I've made peace with myself in regard to hearing the words "what were you thinking?"

So I dunno.  

But I still love it, pink fringed pillows and all.  For me this is a love seat in more than one sense of the word.  Puke if you must.


Melissa said...

OMG Kami,

Please don't do it....

Love you, but this is a BAAAAD idea....


Kami said...

I know. I still love it, but I probably won't get it. The kids hate it. I know Rory will hate it.


Rory said...

But I love you enough to pretend to like it.

Kami said...

I love you enough to not make you pretend to like it. Besides, it's on the pricey side for a loveseat.

The good news is that the futon company I'm looking at has some more subtle fabric designs that still have period leanings and the design of the futon furniture is less--frumpy? Fussy? Swoopety? I like the cleaner designs too, so it's not like I'm sacrificing my happiness and getting something I don't like for the sake and sanity of my friends and family.

Besides, I don't have the crystal perfume atomizers that go with this kind of stuff, since I use fragrant oils instead of regular perfume 99% of the time. And I don't have a poodle. These things are necessary for the total look, otherwise the furniture looks out of place. :p

Molly said...

Actually - from a strictly therapeutic standpoint, fringe a frou-frou be damned. If you lay with your legs over the arm, it looks as though that firm, padded arm support would fit just lovely on a poor, tired, stiff neck while you rest your weary eyes after hours of computer strain. Just a thought. and you could through a cover over it when company shows up.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Heck with the nay-sayers and puked-on keyboards! That's definitely something to stick in the sentimental corner of the house and have primed and ready for those kinds of moods!

I mean, if you're gonna get a love seat, why not go all out!

Carissa said...

I LOVE it!! Very Victorian. The luscious wood. The big patterns. The pink fringe. Okay, maybe not pink, but it works for this. Sink into those pillows with a laptop, a cuppa, and a kitty or three.

I would totally replace my beige IKEA thing for that (if only it had a pull-out bed--or IKEA offered that pattern and fringed pillows).

Kami said...

Yay! Someone else loves the thing that the kids compared cat hairball runoff! :-)

It is extremely comfortable and the padding on the arms is firm and slopes at the perfect angle for necks. Although it's a love seat, it's just right for one person to curl up on and hog the whole thing. While, for example, reading by the woodstove with snow coming down outside.

There's a matching chaise. Mwa ha ha! But they are expensive. One thing I will say, though some of you will probably say OMG don't tell me there's more! is that there's some great woodworking details on the cherry wood, which is a dark reddish color, not almost black like it looks on my computer, and the pinkish color on the upholstery pattern is actually burgundy. So it's cream with gold that has burgundy and mint green detailing.

And pink fringe on the pillows. :)

The huge advantage of the beige thing from IKEA, though, besides price difference, is that if Huntress decides that she must rid herself of her hairball on the upholstery I can remove and wash that upholstery. On this loveseat it might wipe off ... or I might have to take advantage of their one year plan whereby they'll clean it of anything bad (even urine!) that you can't get out yourself. After the year, though, it's assumed that the Scotchguard has worn off and that the owner hasn't troubled to have it professionally Scotchguarded again, so you're on your own.

Le sigh ...

I don't even want to think about cats sharpening their claws on it. Brr!

If this style came in a sleeper sofa style, that would be sweet!!

Things that puzzle this other goddess.... said...

I also LOVE IT Kami! But then, my tastes have a tendency to run fussy victorian to art deco and back again with no fair warning. :) Rory may have to pretend to like it, but if you hate it enough to ever get rid of it, it can find a home with me. LOL Sondra

Kami said...

LOL--If I get this lurvely baby it will be mine all mine ...

I went shopping for chairs yesterday and this furniture store beat Fred Meyer's sale prices by $20 per chair for better quality chairs, saving me $40 and giving me a gorgeous cherry finish and microfiber seats so I don't have to buy separate cushions. I love this furniture store! Also, I learned that the image of the LOVE seat leaned heavily toward pink. The fringe is actually a delightful peach color. Which of course made me long for it even more.

I found a love seat (a soft brownish dove color--I hang my head in defeat--the beige family really is a great set for going with everything!) with a little more wood showing than most of the typical sofas on the market these days. It's also much less expensive, $200 less than the one I love. No embellishments, though. In other words, I'm still looking. Maybe I'll find something just right in downtown Portland.

If it wasn't for the large size of the print I think this would be sold already. A smaller scale print, or cream on taupe, and it would be sold. Warning to my family--if it goes on clearance, watch out!