Monday, October 13, 2008


We're not completely floored yet, but the kids' rooms have beautiful new flooring, sans base molding (that goes in on Thursday.)  Their rooms look remarkable.  The contractors start the family room tomorrow.  I'm prepared to be amazed.

This however puts me in a tiny bit of a timing bind.  The contractor said that whatever I want for shelving, if it's in place then if I want he'll place the molding around it so that it can stand flush to the wall.  Yay!  I like this idea.  But I don't think I can reasonably get all the shelving at once, and even if I could, I couldn't buy it until Wednesday and I can only put so many shelves together in a day.  So I'm prioritizing.  The kids need something stable, functional and beautiful.  IKEA has the perfect stuff. I'll get that for them on Wednesday and then wait and see what my budget looks like later on in the month.

In his ongoing efforts to save me money, my general contractor refused to give me a quote for built in bookcases.  He said yes, he could do that, but why not have him move the heating unit that is keeping me from having the bookshelves I want all alongside each other?  Much cheaper than customizing bookshelves.  

I think this is a splendid idea.  Maybe at the same time I can have him move either the phone jack or the power cord so that they're closer together.  It's probably a code thing, but having them spread apart that far is driving me nuts, especially since the heater is between them.  I have to have my phone plugged in both to the phone jack and the power, which means one way or another I have a cord running either above or below the heating unit.  Yuck.  

That whole section of wall is a mess, and just about any kind of new arrangement would be a huge improvement.  So yay to moving that stuff around, and yay to being able to buy prebuilt shelving that I can stand together!  It'll give me up to 90" to work with.  I can do a lot with that space with not very much money.

And so the mighty project progresses apace.  Pics coming soon.

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Things that puzzle this other goddess.... said...

I hear you about the prefab as opposed to built in. I love built ins but we just couldn't beat IKEA's price. Even though they aren't solid wood, they are such a heavy laminate that I'm fairly happy. :)