Friday, October 03, 2008

Get the lead out

Or in this case, iron.  I'm going back to having a personal trainer, at least for a while, and today is my first day.  My favorite of his credentials?  No, it's not his training certifications.  He has a degree in medieval studies.  Maybe he can fill me in on obscure medieval technologies (they weren't working with stone knives and bear skins during the so-called Dark Ages after all!) while I do my reps.  And I'll have homework, which means I'll probably have to get another one of those balance ball thingies.  We had one, but it exploded.  I'm not sure how, so don't ask!

Anyway, a combo of aerobics, weight training and nifty balance exercises should get me back on track and hopefully fend off things like high blood pressure, which apparently I'm potentially vulnerable to thanks to the treatment of icky girl stuff.  But hey, I'd rather have a slightly elevated blood pressure (I'm starting with a very low baseline) than go back to dealing with the original problem.  If I can just hang onto this treatment until I'm menopausal, I'll be a very happy camper.

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